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"The sweat, the grind, the results, repeat. It's why we LIFT."
-Lift Brand™

Some choose the morning darkness, some choose after work, and few are night owls, but our commitment never ceases, and the sweat never stops running. To Lift is life. #LiftBrand

Lift Brand™

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"What is Lift?" people ask. We are a family. A family of all who takes to the gym, our basements, our training facilities. A family that respects their body and what we put in it. Where power, energy and strength mix to blend the ingredients of our lives. It is our way of life, that in which we push harder, drive further and LIFT more than others desire. It not only defines us Physically. It defines us Mentally.

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Lift Brand™

Your Local Sweat. Your Local Logo.


Lift Brand™ is a movement committed to providing high quality apparel and goods to the Weight Training and Exercise marketplace and beyond. Our goal is to bring forth a sense of community and family to a statewide fitness public, be it competitively, recreationally or just you and your weight bench, we all LIFT together. Creating the temple that is our body, and houses our soul.

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